On Lorine Niedecker and Rhetoric

Jacket 2 has just posted an essay of mine that looks at the poetry of Lorine Niedecker in “Rhetoric of the everyday,” first delivered on a panel in 2014 at the 16th biennial meeting of the Rhetoric Society of America in San Antonio, TX. The essay picks up on topics I began for Fred Wah and Amy De’ath’s recently published collection, Toward. Some. Air: Remarks on Poetics (Banff Centre Press, 2015), wherein I discuss the writing of Roberto Tejada. A final essay on Susan Howe, delivered on a panel devoted to the notion of mood and poetry at NeMLA in May 2015, will conclude this trajectory of research. Upcoming critical work looks at Sun Ra, Amiri Baraka, Henry Dumas, and more.

Later this summer / fall I have essays on Linh Dinh, Stacy Szymaszek, and Ed Dorn scheduled to appear, respectively, in Liminalities, Boston Review, and Paideuma. I’m very happy to have these pieces coming out and will make updates here accordingly.

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