Slow Poetry in America


a poetry quarterly

Slow Poetry in America is a quarterly poetry newsletter edited by Dale Smith, Hoa Nguyen, and Michael Cavuto. Each issue is printed in Toronto, ON and features one poet, and can be mailed anywhere in the world. Annual subscriptions ($10) are made on a rolling basis and will include the next four issues.

Bookstore/Institution Subscriptions are $35.00 annually and will receive 10 copies of each newsletter. Please email for Bookstore/Institution Subscriptions.

SPIA subscriptions seek only to cover the costs of printing & publishing, and do not earn any monetary profit.

 SPIA Catalog

SPIA #1 (March 2015) : Ground by Kim Dorman
SPIA #2 (June 2015) : 8 Poems by Marion Bell
SPIA #3 (October 2015) : Sound Science: Selections by Lorenzo Thomas
SPIA #4 (February 2016) : 8 Poems by Joanne Kyger
SPIA #5 (July 2016) : Storm Work by Fan Wu
SPIA #6 (January 2017) : Five Poems from General Motors by Ryan Eckes
SPIA #7 (Summer 2017) : Clearly Present by Cedar Sigo
SPIA #8 (Fall 2017) : Journal for Ted by Stacy Szymaszek
SPIA #9 (Spring 2018) : Góngora by Hamish Ballantyne
SPIA #10 (Fall 2018) : Pollinate, from dark trees by Cody-Rose Clevidence
SPIA #11 / 12 (Spring – Summer 2019) : Nervous Incomparable Dictation/ Curious Spectral Fragments by Will Alexander
SPIA #13 (Summer 2020) : Six Poems from Some Girls Walk Into The Country They Are From by Sawako Nakayasu
SPIA #14 (Winter 2021) : Crane by Tessa Bolsover
SPIA #15 (Winter 2022) : WHAT by Robert Kocik
SPIA #16 (Fall 2022) : Water Crossing Numbers by Roberto Harrison

Single Issues are $3.00.

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