Attitude is Slow Poetry

“…a recurrent struggle to maintain an attitude” (Wittgenstein).


There is no one way of thinking, since reference (hence value) is as scattered and dissimilar as people themselves. If poetry can be seen to be the result of certain attitudes, certain specific ways of thinking about the world (and only ultimately about the ways in which poetry can be made), then the basic hypothesis of Slow Poetry is understood.

The subjectivity expressed by the “lyric I” understands poetry first as a kind of form, but seldom as an attitude, since the attitude, or world-view, the “lyric I” represents is responsible to an investment in a particular kind of order. And in many cases, this attitude, or world-view, is not consistent with the making of poetry.


I is not a subject. I’s attitude.


What’s your name?

i, I answered.

That’s a simple name
Is it an initial?
No it is a single.

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